Today's Man

Today's man has the passion for pursuing his dreams while at the same time maintaining a healthy balance of obligations and personal fulfillment.

So who is today's man? What makes said man? These are excellent questions, both equally important. But before "we" as a demographic can move forward, professionally, creatively, romantically, "we" need to learn from our past, grasp what we stand for today, and plan on how to live for tomorrow. thePush was created to motivate, entertain, and prepare today's man in an ever-changing world.

What we're looking for is the one common denominator; a few key words that link men of our ilk, our generation, through our wants and desires as we move towards the future. Through the pages of this blog, we will speak with men who specialize in each subsequent topic category that we cover and get their views on what goes into creating our reader base.

We'll also get a woman's point of view to see if what we're doing is having a direct impact on the opposite sex.

As editor in chief of thePush, I feel this man is someone who has the passion and dedication to pursue his dreams while at the same time maintaining a healthy balance of personal relationships and obligations to the betterment of mankind.

Easier said than done, sure. But hopefully by reading the articles here, you are better informed about things that appeal to "us," and inspired, even a minuscule amount to go out and make a lasting difference.