Mantality, and its New Meaning

This is our reader. One that isn't afraid to change the public perception, while standing up for what is right in mind, body and soul.

If you do a Google search of the word Mantality, the first source that comes up is that of the Urban Dictionary. On the site is the following definition:

Mantality (n.): The mindset of a male who believes he owes others nothing. A self-centered feeling of entitlement often produced when a group of males congregate.

OK, that's someone's opinion and they're entitled to it. But we're not exactly talking Merriam-Webster's here. The initial thought to Mantality was a simple play on word. You take its origin; mentality; which was first used way back in 1691.

Merriam-Webster's defines mentality as mental power or capacity: intelligence; mode or way of thought: outlook.

Obviously, this is a good thing; something all human beings possess. Some a brighter and uplifting one than others, but so be it. With this now in mind, we decided to make this noun a singular entity and put our own twist to the definition; a positive and uplifting one at that. After all that is the goal of this magazine.

For your consideration, I'd now like to rewrite the definition of Mantality for good, once and for all.

Mantality (n): A man who has the mental capacity to motivate others while appreciating what he currently has in his life without succumbing to greed and/or lust. He believes in exposing and living a necessary truth without pretentiousness and absurdity. He is innovative enough to take calculated risks while dividing his time between what is important not only to his own beliefs but the greater good of all mankind.

This is our reader. One that isn't afraid to change the public perception. To stand up for what is right, because that's his destiny. Mantality.