Backpacks and Suits Don't Mix

The beauty of a suit is that it speaks measures about the man wearing it. That's why you never pair it with a backpack!

I was recently at a business conference with many young entrepreneurs. Most everyone looked the part, well groomed, spoke eloquently, only a hint a douchie male permeated the room. That is until I spotted the first one; a man in his 30s wearing a black three-piece suit, sophisticated dress shoes, a good head of hair and a backpack (or nap sack) thrown over one shoulder.

Confused and a little disgusted by his lack of putting this ensemble together, I shook it off and continued my people watching elsewhere. But low and behold I spotted another man, same age range, same attire, same fricken little boys backpack! Only this cat had both straps on, surely wrinkling his JCPenny suit coat. You wouldn't believe it, but I immediately turned to my left and saw the same exact travesty, dude-suit-backpack!

And by no means were they stylish Gucci knapsacks, more like something you'd see at a discount department store. When did these guys think this was a good idea? You completely lose all credibility with a nap-sack; I don't care if you're wearing a $3,000 Dolce & Gabanna work of art.

The beauty of a suit is that it speaks volumes of the man wearing it. It says, he's a professional who has his life in order. Maybe he's got a little money in the bank, confidence for sure, and is comfortable being leered at by intrigued women and envious men. A good suit should fit like a glove. Smooth; yet snug in all the right places. Tailoring is a must.

And don't forget the perfect tie. Too fat and you look like a big band leader. Too skinny and someone will ask you what time the appetizers are served. Somewhere in the middle that brings the entire suit together is just right.

Now back to the backpack epidemic. This should never be an option when dressing for business, or even business casual. There are better, stylish options that a backpack just screams, I'm a lazy tool!

The swanky options are endless. And whether you go with a messenger bag, briefcase, or even some sort of European “murse,” choosing the right travel companion for your important papers, laptop or whatever else you need to get through the day is essential. Never take the easy way out. If you do, then don't even bother with the suit.