American Sniper: More than a Movie

Honoring the memory and spirit of the soldiers who lay down their lives each and every day is what should be celebrated after watching 'American Sniper.'

As American Sniper faded to black, and the credits began to roll, we the audience were left with the images from Chris Kyle’s funeral procession. During these real life photos and video of American citizens honoring Kyle’s final ride through the highways of his native Texas, not a single individual in the theater dared to move.

Fixated on what each and every one of us had just witnessed through Clint Eastwood’s brilliant storytelling, and Bradley Cooper’s epic portrayal of America’s Deadliest Sniper, we too paid our respects to a man who sacrificed more than anyone should ever have to. When the credits came to an end, moviegoers quietly and humbly exited the theater.

Still digesting the true tale of what we had just seen, there was no cheering, no crying, just simple and silent admiration. I for one have never been a part of something like this, and I’m thankful I was there to bear witness.

Sure, I could get into all the reasons why this film should win each and every one of its six Academy Award nominations. But for that just go to your local cinema and pay the price of admission.

What’s more important than any gold statue given out, is the fact that’s it’s time this country, especially the Hollywood community, begin to place a little more onus and respect on what’s really important; which is honoring the memory and spirit of the men and women who lay down their lives each and every day so that civilian Americans can live without fear of tyranny or invasion.

Yet for some reason, individuals of the “Hollywood-elite” have taken their 1st Amendment right to the extreme. Yes, the United States is the greatest country in the world where you are allowed the right to say, think, and do whatever you feel is just. But at what costs? And why exactly is this acceptable?

Because you have a ton of money in the bank and a name synonymous with movies that it’s fine for you to flap your uncensored gums about a subject in reality you don’t know the first thing about! Honestly, the 1st Amendment should have an asterisk next to it that states: *Speak your mind, but prepare to be held accountable.

“Clarifying” – not apologizing via twitter that you were misunderstood or taken out of context isn’t good enough. I’m sorry! How about you go to Seal School, don’t wash out, and then get dropped into a war zone just months after 9/11. Would you like that? Would you still feel invincible thousands of miles away from your Hollywood Hills perch?

More so, you probably wouldn’t last five minutes before becoming just another casualty of war. Or maybe you would survive. That is if someone like Chris Kyle was your overwatch. Men like retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell, retired Navy Seal Jason Redman or Army Sgt. Nick Irving led you to safety and allowed you to head back home to be with your families. But that doesn’t seem to be important to you, not if your recent comments mean anything.

I for one think it’s about time we stop caring what individuals with no moral fiber have to say. What’s the point, to create news? For these people to stay relative? Let’s stop publicizing people and things that don’t deserve our time and attention. Put the focus where it belongs, on the real heroes. Our sense of value is so screwed up in this country.

We drool over crap reality television, one-sided documentaries that are actual propaganda, and films so atrocious and down right stupid that a country with less electricity than Disneyland threatens our way of life.

So pick your battles, gentleman. Because this is one battle you won’t win…out of context or not.