Mike's storytelling skills are stretched across multiple formats and platforms, allowing for seamless content delivery and integration. 

Film & TV Production

Feature Film: Writer, Producer

Synopsis: Five soldiers find out the cost of protecting our freedom sometimes results in a great nation doing terrible things. 

Short Film: Producer, Director, Editor

Synopsis: Singer/Songwriter, L'Ren, discusses the inspiration behind her song 'Never Let You Go.' 

Short Film: Writer, Director, Producer, Voiceover

Synopsis: This kid-friendly tale shows the day in the life of a puppy that loves lying in the sun, chasing lizards and watching TV.

News: Host

Synopsis: In-studio news report using a teleprompter.

Interstitial: Host

Synopsis: Commercial about brand growth.

Commercial: Producer, Voiceover

Synopsis: Promotional videos like this can introduce new products, establish your presence and help discover new clients.

News: Writer, Producer

Synopsis: On-site news production in Las Vegas, Sept. 2017.

Marketing Video: Writer, Producer

Synopsis: Collaboration between two companies.

Internet: Writer, Producer

Synopsis: Reporting on Hurricane Harvey and animal rescue efforts.

TV Pilot: Writer, Producer, Actor

Synopsis: With his dream of being a pop star dashed, Ray lands a job at a restaurant that is also home to a reality TV show.

Reel: Actor

Synopsis: A selection of scenes from the independently produced 'Pilot' episode of Full Circle, starring Mike Calendrillo.

Short Film: Writer, Producer

Synopsis: The journey of one student as he strives to make a better life for himself under the guidance of a mentor.

News: Host

Synopsis: In-studio news report using a teleprompter.

News: Host

Synopsis: In-studio news report used on social media platforms.

Commercial: Writer, Producer, Voiceover

Synopsis: For the past 35 years, William Farms has strived to be one of the nations leaders in organically grown produce. 

News: Writer, Producer,

Synopsis: On-site news production in Chicago, Sept. 2017. 

Marketing Video: Writer, Producer, Voiceover

Synopsis: Event preparation and attendance builder.

Internet: Writer

Synopsis: 5 differences from 'The Walking Dead' show vs. comics.


Below are links to a number of media outlets where Mike's work as a writer and editor has been featured.

Social Media Management

Mike has worked as a producer with the following businesses to develop their brand management, social media coordination, content creation and website design. 

Graphic Design

The following are examples of advertisements, logos and infographics Mike has created with the use of the Adobe Suite.